Building me a 3d belt printer for long objects

I usually build my own 3d printers, usually based on existing designs.

The reason is that I just find it more fun in doing so.

So- I had a reason to get a printer that can print more lengtier objects than 350 millimeter, which is what I am now limited to.

After some research, I found at least 4alternatives of which 2 are DIY.

The first one is commercially available , the Creality CR-30:


And the second is also for sale, the Ideaformer IR3 V1:

The third one is a DIY printer, the EZ-belt.

The original Ender EZ-belt

The original Ender EZ-beltThe Opensource Ender EZ Belt is originally based on an Ender3 pro and needs to be heavily modified.

DOWNLOAD the printed parts for the Ender EZ-belt HERE: ender-ez-belt-3d-printer-conversion-model_files

The fourth is my choice for the build: The white knight core xy beltprinter:


All of the hardware like frame parts, extruder, hotend, motherboard, steppers, teethed wheels and -belts, bearings, nuts and bolts are available.

I will go with a Duet2wifi board, since this is known to me and I like the Duet’s web interface a lot.  An ESP32 camera will be added to the build and this will also be integrated into the Duet’s Web interface, as with all my other printers.



I will need to source a good 24V PSU but I may go with an external one for this build, to start with.

The belt and corresponding heated bed have veen ordered from Ali, I chose an Ideaformer belt , 320mm wide, 1.3 mm thick and a perimeter of 1180mm.


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