Penta extruder on A30M

Today I received my 5-in, 1-out hotend, non-mixing  air cooled with 1 nozzle and 1 heater//temp sensor.

I will install it on my A30M with the Duet2wifi board+extension board (5-fold with plug-in drivers). The A30M already has independant Z-stepper motors.

The Duet2wifi has 5 stepper ports, and the expansion board also has 5 stepper ports.  X,Y,2xZ, 5 Extruders is a total of 9 so this will indeed fit!

I will make new wiring for the 5 extruder steppers on top of the A30M frame with 5 bowden tubes to the hotend.  Since the hotend is non-mixing, this will be a  simple task to get into config.g.  For the slicer- it will also be easy. Just add the extruders to a total of 5 pieces. Add the correct filaments/temps/ no offset so set offset X and Y to 0..  The work will primarily be in  the tool changing files for T0-T5 where retraction- and extruding  settings will be needed.

For the hotend, I have a new setup available that allows me to quickly change the nozzle.

This will make it possible to use this setup for all kind of applications.

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