Penta extruder on A30M

Today I received my 5-in, 1-out hotend, non-mixing  air cooled with 1 nozzle and 1 heater//temp sensor.

I will install it on my A30M with the Duet2wifi board+extension board (5-fold with plug-in drivers). The A30M already has independant Z-stepper motors.

The Duet2wifi has 5 stepper ports, and the expansion board also has 5 stepper ports.  X,Y,2xZ, 5 Extruders is a total of 9 so this will indeed fit!

I will make new wiring for the 5 extruder steppers on top of the A30M frame with 5 bowden tubes to the hotend.  Since the hotend is non-mixing, this will be a  simple task to get into config.g.  For the slicer- it will also be easy. Just add the extruders to a total of 5 pieces. Add the correct filaments/temps/ no offset so set offset X and Y to 0..  The work will primarily be in  the tool changing files for T0-T5 where retraction- and extruding  settings will be needed.

For the hotend, I have a new setup available that allows me to quickly change the nozzle.

This will make it possible to use this setup for all kind of applications.

Triple mixing hotend for A30M

Next to the penta non-mixing hotend, I recently bought this mixing triple hotend, to experiment with it on the A30M.  It is not the same as the Geeetech original triple mixing hotend, however it does have some resemblance.

Obviously, this hotend requires 3 extruders via bowden tubes.  The extruders I have are all Chinese clones of the 1:3 geared bondtech extruders.

The 3 extruders will be placed on the top horizontal aluminium frame, right where they are originally placed.  In fact, I am rebuilding the machine like the A30M from Geeetech that has a mixing triple hotend.  But- mine will have the Duet2wifi motherboard instead.

Soon as I install this, I will upload pictures and the config files (and all tool files like tfree, etcetera for the three tools as well).


Printing at maximum width on my Geeetech A30M with PETG and the Duet2wifi board

Yesterday I exchanged the dual nozzle printerhead (Chimera) that I have been using for dual printing all kinds of goodies like my name tag and several dual color prints, with the original single nozzle-dual extruder head.

I needed to print a LED lights circular holder that is 328mm wide, and the setrup with the Chimera just does net get that wide on the X-axis.

The result is below: It took some tweaking in the bed size settings but I have exactly 330×330 X*Y available, awesome!


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