Prusa i3bear long-bed printer 200x600x200mm

Because I am missing a real large 3d-printer I intend to fabricate a Prusa i3bear based long-bed printer with extended Y-axis with a printsize of  200x, 600y, and 200z.

I started with printing all the components, and laid out the frame.

Everything will be standard i3 Bear, last version except the extruder.

I will use a BIQU H2 for this build, of which I have 2 on stock.

The Y-rails will be linear rails, mounted on 2040 aluminium extrusion.

The heated bed will be 3x 200×200 mm, directly mounted on 2020 extrusion.  No height settings for the bed, no nuts that can be warped.  The mesh has to take care of any unflatness and/or unsquareness.

On top of the bed, a pei plate will be placed that will have to be custom-made, I will check where to get this.  600×200 should be doable, and otherwise I could always just use glass and stick pei on it.

So- will it work with a heated bed of 3x normal size?  Well, I know it will work.  I have my A30M running with a 310×310 heated bed including a 4mm glass plate on it, at 150mm/s for infill moves.  And it never misses a step.

If you do the math, 200×600 =1200 mm2 and 310×310=945 mm2, not a great difference!  I will anyhow put in a bigger stepper for the Y- axis, and I can add a back coupling unit on it, so it will never miss any steps anyway.



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