BTT BIQU H2 extruder in 2trees Spro

I bought a couple of BIQU H2 extruders to experiment with them.

The first printer I chose to mount this extruder is my TT Saphire pro.

I own this printer for a couple of years, and it behaves quite well.  But the original bowden setup is not my preferred setup, and the BIQUH2 seems very promising.

On the net, I found a 3d printable bracket with a seperate mount to re-use the 2 small 40mm side tool fans again as tool fans.

I ditched the 3d printed mount for the extruder and made me e steel one, from the old hotend mount.  That is what the pictures in this article will show.

The 3d printed toolfan mount is a bit modded because I have reversed the entire setup, so I will keep within the original specs of 235x235x200 mm printeble size.

For the rest, please see the pictures.  I re-used some of the old steel hotend mount, primarily the connecting plate with the XY carriage and the cornered horizontal plate.

In the old big bowden tube hole I welded a 6mm inner- and  12mm outer dia ring in.

And I extended the horizontal base with a little piece of plate to use the 2 pieces 3mm threaded holes of the extruder’s upper side to bolt it all together.

The filament input of the extruder has a screw-in nut with a 4mm clamp for the ingoing 4mm tube, and this is the other mounting bolt to hold the extruder to the mount.

The original TT S pro hotend mount, freed from the parts I re-used to build the BIQU H2 mount.
Cut the re-used pice to size, took some material out for the lever and fitted the ring in the 12 mm hole, to be welded.
New mounting plate with welded ring at the right, and left an add-on welded little piece with the 2 holes for the mounting M3 screws.
Extruder mount ready
The first fit. My goal was to get the nozzle tip at exactly the same XY position as original. And that worked perfect!
Mounted the toolfan holder. I modded this to be put INSIDE the carriage instead of on the outside.  I used 2 threaded M3 weld-in inserts in the toolfan holder.
Ready. The rear fan is reversed as intended. I took some material out of the holder to let the rear fan rotate freely, since it was not capable of this in the original setup.

And the inductive 8mm probe, at the rear of the extruder setup. Works perfect!
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