Original ID 1965 leather front chairs for my Citroën ID20 convertible (1970)

2021-June 6th.

Original ID20 chairs for the convertible are very hard to find, especially lately.

Fortunately, I have a complete set on stock with the front chairs side handle to fold the back forward, both left and right in the original brown leather version.

Also, I have the rear bench and back from the same donor ID (1965).  The rear bench don’t fit in my 1970 ID20 convertible but the front chairs will fit nicely.  I will get the car tomorrow out of the winter storage …erm, this will be done a little later,,,  But- they will first be refurbished with black leather,  The appointment is made for 2nd week of September.  Will see when they are ready!  Then, finally, I can take the temporary Volvo C70 chairs out.  But only after all of the remaining issues are handled.

The issue list contains a full outside overhaul of the body, the coming fall and winter.  Everything will be taken out and off- bumpers, mirrors, lights, windows et cetera.  Then- sanding it down and making the body nice again.

Then, the inside will be done. A lot of work will be needed on the inside of the doors and on the side panels of the rear of the car. These panels are a combination of the donor panels from the Aui80 and some metal sheeting that I glued on these panels to fit the longer car.  These need to become integrated side panels, and they need to be covered with black leather.

After that, a new paint job in racing red is foreseen for spring 2022.

Then, the car will be put together again and the new carpets, A-, B- pillar covers and so on for the interior will be put in.

And then, finally, the refurbished (old) front chairs will be put in where they belong!

I will post some pictures to show what this looks like, asap!

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