Replaced the waterpump of my Citroën ID20 cabrio (1970)

July 2019: I noticed a small amount of coolant under the car from time to time, after parking.

So looking for the cause, and as a precaution, I immediately replaced the water pump housing, thermostat, lower hoses and water pump.

Also replaced all gaskets, cleaned the surfaces, checked all hoses optically and so on.

After fitting, first tested the cooling system with a pressure kit and left it pressurized overnight.  No leakage.  The action seems to have been successful.

Update 3-2021: After this action, it appears that there is still a little coolant under the car when I have driven a bit after which the car has been parked overnight.  While driving, the car does not seem to lose anything.

It seems that as the car cools down, it builds up so much pressure in the cooling system that there is leakage that does not occur while driving. Possibly the expansion and contraction of the engine parts has something to do with this and the contraction after driving could possible cause the extra pressure. Apparently the radiator cap is not the solution to this problem. This cap should open at a certain pressure and allow some of the compressed air at the top of the radiator to escape.  That this principle does work is clear because the catcher at the bottom of the overpressure hose which is mounted at the radiator cap does catch coolant when I have incidentally overfilled the radiator slightly.

In the meantime, I have ordered an overpressure vessel to mount in the cooling circuit to better compensate for the pressure, and a mechanical pressure regulator and valve to adjust this cooling system to a pleasant maximum pressure.  I hope this will stop the cooling system from leaking.

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Original ID 1965 leather front chairs for my Citroën ID20 convertible (1970)

2021-June 6th.

Original ID20 chairs for the convertible are very hard to find, especially lately.

Fortunately, I have a complete set on stock with the front chairs side handle to fold the back forward, both left and right in the original brown leather version.

Also, I have the rear bench and back from the same donor ID (1965).  The rear bench don’t fit in my 1970 ID20 convertible but the front chairs will fit nicely.  I will get the car tomorrow out of the winter storage …erm, this will be done a little later,,,  But- they will first be refurbished with black leather,  The appointment is made for 2nd week of September.  Will see when they are ready!  Then, finally, I can take the temporary Volvo C70 chairs out.  But only after all of the remaining issues are handled.

The issue list contains a full outside overhaul of the body, the coming fall and winter.  Everything will be taken out and off- bumpers, mirrors, lights, windows et cetera.  Then- sanding it down and making the body nice again.

Then, the inside will be done. A lot of work will be needed on the inside of the doors and on the side panels of the rear of the car. These panels are a combination of the donor panels from the Aui80 and some metal sheeting that I glued on these panels to fit the longer car.  These need to become integrated side panels, and they need to be covered with black leather.

After that, a new paint job in racing red is foreseen for spring 2022.

Then, the car will be put together again and the new carpets, A-, B- pillar covers and so on for the interior will be put in.

And then, finally, the refurbished (old) front chairs will be put in where they belong!

I will post some pictures to show what this looks like, asap!

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