Original windbelt by Shawn Frayne (US) Humdinger

With Shawn Frayne’s windbelt, you can generate energy wherever the wind blows.

Even if it’s only a little, you can (slowly) charge your phone with it….

Shawn Frayne patented his invention and made it free of charge for personal use!

After a couple of years, Shawn moved on into other developments.

The use and applications of belt-driven generators for electrical power are rare and seldom used.

The challenge lies in the lifespan of the belt, which must be oscillating to generate power.

For simple applications, mostly a an old VHS tape is used as belt.

If you want to use a larger length of belt, a thicker belt can be used but uit will have to be able to oscillate in the wind easily.

Please read my article about how this works:

DIY windbelt for simple and free energy



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Micro Humdinger by Shawn Frayne, first prototype
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