Lomography with my old 35mm Canon T70, T90’s, EOS500 and my Lubitel’s 6x6cm

Ever since my kids got an interest in lomography early 2021, it started itching in my head.

I have a lot of analogue photo equipment stowed away, just because I can never throw anything away that might possibly turn out to be useful someday.

So- I got a supplier for my juices and film and I tried reviving my cams.  That turned out to be more difficult than I expected.

The T70: no problem, just put 2x AA batteries in it and it’s OK.

But-my favourite T90’s just would’nt fire any shots.  After a lot of reading on the net, I finally found the problem: One of the coils appeared to require some magnetism from a nedymium magnet and all works well again!

So I did this and it worked. Actually, I removed the magnet and the camera kept working for some time.

But next day I had to do the same ritual again. and again.

Here’s the largest Neodymium magnet I used, with the white dot on top. It only worked well in this exact position. Any other side up and it would not work well. Turning the magnet also made the magic repair disappear. I left it in a couple of hours and the shutter kept working. Shut it off for the night and it would no longer work next morning.  The magnet can’t stay in, obviously since it is blocking some other moving parts.


So- the T90’s are in the storage again.


And- My newer Eos 500 worked perfectly! Everything automatically, AF and all! This is just a modern camera that has all you may need.  The EF lenses all fit so I can start shooting with this 35mm cam, again!

I will only do B&W, since my enlarger and all of my dark room equipment is for B&W.  I received the needed liquids last week, and I’m ready to go!

I will add new posts and add the links above when I start developing my first roll of 35 mm film, in black and white !


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