Toolhead stepper fault and solution

The toolhead stepper of my E3D toolchanger system suddenly broke down.

The cause was a failed tool pickup move,  due to which the rotating axle of the toolhead pickup system got blocked.

After exchanging the stepper I changed the Duet’s settings so the C-drive will not be able to generate too much torque.

This will prevent the last teethed wheel to break whenever the driven pickup axle gets blocked under extreme circumstances.

After opening the case of the failed reduction box, I discovered 1 broken tooth of the final gear.

I ordered me a new one, and mounted this.  And I changed the C-drive’s settings to make use of the stall mechanism.  It took some tweaking to get this to work properly.  After all, picking up a tool must still work as this is the base intention.

All is OK again!

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