Building a Prusa mini clone (Fysetc parts)

Last week (2021-Nov-04)  I ordered me a Prusa mini clone from Aliexpress.

I already have an original Prusa Mini from the moment it was offered by Prusa.  I waited for over 1/2 a year to get it delivered as I was one of the (almost) first to order it.  And-  I value the machine very positive.

I use it for professional prints, mostly with white, orange and black PETG.

I hope that my additional Prusa Mini will be just as perfect as my original one.

On Ali, everything was offered except the printed parts.  It includes a buddyboard 32 bits with 2209 drivers, LCD 2.6 inch, 3 motors, nuts and bolts, cables, hoses, bearings, clamps, hotbed, pei sheet, rods, extruder, fans, extrusion, you name it, really everything is included for 105 Euro’s .  But- you guessed it- I never got anything delivered. I have a dispute running now, hopefully I wiull get the money back.  And- I ordered a new one, now the costs are more than double, as is to be expected.

As add-on I ordered 2 renewed Z-sensors (including temp sensor)  from Prusa for Eur 50 incl. Tax and shipment.  With this, both mini’s can be upgraded to Mini+ 3d printers.  Except the longer bed of course.  Also, both the buddyboards will get the Mini+ firmware.

Since I also own an original Prusa mini, printing the parts was easy, as you can see in the attached pictures.:

Still, also a Prusa mini can have stringing wth PetG. OR, i think this was caused because I purposely set the temp very high to get extremely solid prints.  Whatever, I cleaned the printed parts afterwards with a knife and that turned out to be easy enough.

The black PETG parts got printed on my Ender 3 pro+.

Built after receival of the non-printed parts on 2021-12-22  JMWG.NL

I upgraded the Buddyboard V1.0.0 straight away to the latest Prusa Mini firmware and compared the prints against my Original Prusa Mini.

I honestly could not see any difference between the two of them.

The stuff I ordered on Ali:


3.2/2.8 MW power is momenteel in voldoende voorraad, bent u welkom om een bestelling plaatst, de voorraad is in de Spaanse magazijn, dank u voor uw steun,

Video tutorial:

Schroef kit 1
Tool kit 1
USB disk 1
Gladde staven kit 1
3030 extrusie kit 1
625 lager 3
12.5mm, 3mm OD as 1
4.9*12mm as 1
16T GT2 Katrol (als MK3) 2
Platte Katrol (als MK3) 2
X/Y riem 2

Motoren kit 1
Buddy besturingskaart 1
Thermistor hotend 1
Thermistor verwarmd bed 1
Filament sensor kit 1
Heatedbed 1
Verwarmd bed kabel 1
LCD (als kiezen) 1
24V 40w cartridge 1
PSU (als kiezen) 1
Minda 1
Fans 2
Extruder versnellingen 1
Hotend kit 1
Bowden tube 1
Y vervoer 1
Z bodemplaat 1
Gouden textuur stalen plaat 1

Dit product omvat niet prints. Als u of kopen het zelf, het bestand afdrukken link:
3.2 inch scherm case STL Link:

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